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Kristen Kiomall-Evans
Borden, Ontario


Rating & Content Warnings:
Teen for Blood, Partial Nudity, Burns, Language, Violence

1012 (Majority not yet released)

Publication date:
22nd February, 2016


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“Magical girls muddling in mysteries with mischievous monsters.”

Trapped within the walls of a school, Willow receives a magic necklace and begins to learn that things are not what they appear to be. As the magic gifted to her and her friends begins to bleed out beyond their control, they begin to learn that nothing is what it seems and how dangerous the world really is.

After a fight between her best friend Emma and school bully Georgia, Willow grasps at how to approach the situation – Emma refuses to seek help. Help is granted however, after a strange dream that gives Willow a magical necklace – a necklace that refuses to be ignored. After several attempts to communicate Willow transforms in front of Georgia. Georgia blackmails her in return to learn more about this magical necklace. And while Willow has reservations, the temptation of Georgia leaving her friend alone is too great to be ignored. They strike a deal and after accidentally gifting Georgia her own necklace, a spout of jealousy on Emma’s part drags her into the scenario as well.


“That Magical Horror Light Show”


Praise & Press

“One thing I love about this comic so far is the mysteries that have been set up that we need to read on to discover.” – Andrew Dmytrasz, Rogues Portal
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Table of Contents

XII: Of Magic and Muses

  • Part 1: Monsters
    • Chapter 001: The Gate (22 Feb, 2016)
    • Chapter 002: A Knock at the Door (7 Nov, 2016)
    • Chapter 003: Precious Gifts (1 May, 2017)
    • Chapter 004: The Deal (9 Oct, 2017)
    • Chapter 005: Broken Ground (26 Mar, 2018)
    • Chapter 006: A Trying Trifecta (18 Jun, 2018)
    • Chapter 007: Threading the Needle (7 Sept, 2018)
    • Chapter 008: Approximate Acquaintances (7 Jan, 2019)
    • Chapter 009: Tied Off (4 Mar, 2019)
    • Chapter 010: Through the Mist (29 Apr, 2019)
    • Chapter 011: Bandages and Bloodmares (24 Jun, 2019)
    • Chapter 012: Curiosity (19 Aug, 2019)
    • Chapter 013: Tear Down the Wall (14 Oct, 2019)
    • Chapter 014: Hidden Spaces (1 Jan, 2020)

The Creator

Artist, Writer, Web Developer & Publisher

Kristen Kiomall-Evans is an artist and animator currently working out of Borden, Ontario. She works as a full time developer for virtual simulations and e-learning, creating educational resources under Calian for the Department of National Defence. In her off time, she focuses on publishing her own comics: XII: Of Magic and Muses at, as well as two anthologies – Threads and Threads: A Gallery of Rogues as a member of the Spiderforest Comic Collective.

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