Volume 1: Monsters

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XII: Book 01: of Magic and Muses Chapter 001: The Gate
Chapter 001:
The Gate
Chapter 002:
A Knock at the Door
Chapter 003:
Precious Gifts
Chapter 004:
The Deal
Chapter 005:
Broken Ground
Chapter 006:
A Trying Trifecta
Chapter 007:
Threading the Needle
Chapter 008:
Approximate Aquaintances
Chapter 009:
Tied Off
Chapter 010:
Through the Mist
Chapter 011:
Bandages and Bloodmares
Chapter 012:
Chapter 013:
Tear Down the Wall
Chapter 014:
Hidden Spaces

Volume 2: Mischief

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Chapter 015:
Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 016:
Cracks in the Ice
Chapter 017:
Secret Sigils
Chapter 018:
Chapter 019:
Chapter 020:
Chapter 021:
Molten Heart
Chapter 022:
Tattle Tale
Chapter 023:
Chapter 024:
Chapter 025:
Light the Way
Chapter 026:
Signal Fire
Chapter 027:
A Good Returned
Chapter 028:
The Bridge

Volume 3: Malice

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Chapter 029:
Apart from the Crowd
Chapter 030:
Shocking Situation
Chapter 031:
Talk to Me
Chapter 032:
Song and Dance
Chapter 033:
Under the Skin
Chapter 034:
Chapter 035:
In a Vacuum
Chapter 036:
Twin Signal
Chapter 037:
Chapter 038:
Fowl Play
Chapter 039:
Friends and Fiends
Chapter 040:
Chapter 041:
Cry for Help
Chapter 042:
The Owl and the Pussycat