Hello and good day magical menagerie!

Just a heads up that this will be the LAST chapter of 2020 before we head on to our December hiatus! Luckily there’s been a plethora of amazing artists who have been exceptionally kind to us over the year, and we’ve placed their gorgeous artworks up on display while I rest up for January. If you would like to have XII art that you’ve created put up on display during that time, just tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Pillowfort!

And of COURSE, in 63 days our Kickstarter for Volume 3 will be kicking off February 2021! So if you’d like to help us out before hand, please spread the word about this little comic as we get ready or follow our account so you’ll know as soon as we launch! This will be the FINAL book for Magic and Muses! And though we will be updating at 6 times a week next year, we will need another 2 years to complete the series on the website (it’s a lotta pages).