Looks like terrifying magenta animal skulls take alot out of a person.



↓ Transcript
Panel 01: Emma sits looking unsure as the morning light pours in behind her in the confines of the empty cafeteria. A fresh black eye hiding behind her left lens.

Panel 02: Willow lays hunched over, her hair a bit of a mess, hiding her face in her arms. Her breakfast clearly uneaten.

Emma says worried: “Willow? Please talk to me. Are you mad? You haven’t said anything since you sat down.”

Panel 03: Emma watches concerned as Willow refuses to answer.

Panel 04: In a huff Emma turns away from Willow.

Emma: “Well if you’re going to keep acting like a brat, I’m not going to waste any more time.”

Panel 05: Emma side eyes. Seeing that Willow is still unmoved.