Hey folks, the holiday season will soon be trampling us under foot (if it hasn’t started for you already.) So because of it, Spiderforest has decided to help make your Christmas shopping a teensy bit easier for this year with our

SpiderForest Digital Comic Mega Bundle

For a mere $20, you can get 20 amazing digital comics & help out some of your favorite creators as well as Spiderforest itself!

Enjoy this massive PDF collection of 20 comics from the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective, available for one day only!  Included in this flash sale are:

1. Sombulus Book 1 by Christina Major

2. Sombulus Book 2 by Christina Major

3. Children of Eldair Book 1 by Jemma Young

4. Children of Eldair – Sorcerer Courtship by Jemma Young

5. Soul’s Journey Chapter 1 by Sophie Pfrötzschner

6. Soul’s Journey Chapter 2 by Sophie Pfrötzschner

7. I, Mummy Volume 1 by Andy Purviance

8. The Only Half Saga: Before the Fall by Denise Randall

9. Title Unrelated Book 1 by G Pike

10. Title Unrelated Book 2 by G Pike

11. XII: Of Magic and Muses Chapter 1 by Kristen Kiomall-Evans

12. XII: Of Magic and Muses Chapter 2 by Kristen Kiomall-Evans

13. RetroBlade Vol. 1: Edge of Existence by Freya Horn

14. Bruno Harm 1 by Travis Shearin

15. Bruno Harm 2 by Travis Shearin

16. Folklore Volume 1 by Adam Ma and Colin Tan

17. LeyLines Volume 1 by Robin Childs

18. ZUKAHNAUT: Caught in the Storm by Otty Justason and Sonya Somers

19. Obscurato Chapter 1 by Deanna Brigman

20. Chirault Book 1 by Ally Rom Colthoff


And if that wasn’t enough! Spiderforest is also giving away one of our enamel pins from our recent Anthology series! Follow the Spiderforest Twitter Account for your chance to win!