A big hello to the new Spiderforest Comedy/Slice of Life genre comics:

Seamus and Abbie (NSFW): Seamus is proof of the struggle of a good man with a bad attitude going through trying times with a dreary cat on his shoulder.

Monsterous Mimi: Mimi is normal, very normal.

Culture Shock: In the middle of a modern city, a Japanese ninja and a medieval knight are forced to share an apartment together.

Mailbox Rocketship: Heroes, wizards, aliens, and death himself. Keith’s life just got interesting.



↓ Transcript
Panel 01: The trees open up to reveal a single twisted stump. Its stunted branches hold leaves of birch trees, yet the wood is not. In a strange way, the roots gnarled shape makes it look almost human.

Panel 02: Willow upon closer inspection, can make out a knot in the top of the stump. Funnily enough… it looks almost like a face.

Panel 03: The stump rises to life as it’s eyes open wide.