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↓ Transcript
Panel 01: The moth bumps against the outside of the casement window. Making little ‘tap tap tap’ noises against the meshed glass. The inside of the room is simple. A bed lays below the window. Next to it is a small desk and above that is a bookshelf.

Panel 02: A young brunette girl, looking about fifteen or sixteen and wearing a drabby grey school uniform, is hunched over her desk.

Panel 03: The girl bits the eraser end of her pencil nervously, revealing her buck teeth.

Panel 04: She closes her mouth, focusing on the bitter rubber flavor.

Panel 05: Her large round glasses can’t hide the glazed look in her eyes.

Panel 06: Her text books lay out in front of her, propped next to a potted drying carnation. To an unwary observer, she would be studying. But upon closer inspection, the essay she had begun to write is only half completed. A small doodle beginning to grow under the pencil in her right hand instead.